Shumlin and Stenger consider return to Asia

Shumlin and Stenger consider return to Asia

Gov. Peter Shumlin and ski resort owner Bill Stenger found their recent promotional trip to China and Vietnam so successful, they started considering an encore even before their return to Vermont.

The website China Daily reported Wednesday that the two, who were joined by other representatives from Jay Peak plus a small state delegation, had discussed returning to China in the first quarter of 2014.

Alex MacLean, a spokesperson and project manager for Jay Peak’s Northeast Kingdom Economic Development Initiative, confirmed that the idea had come up.

“We did discuss with the Governor while we were in China how productive a trip it was and how helpful it would be to do a follow up trip,” MacLean said by email. “Having said that, nothing specific has been discussed or planned.”

Lawrence Miller, Vermont’s secretary of the Agency of Commerce and Community Development, echoed MacLean. “No specific plans have been laid,” he said by email.

Stenger and his business partner, Ariel Quiros, had invited the governor along to help them promote and solicit investments in the Northeast Kingdom Economic Development Initiative — a spinoff of immigrant-funded expansions at the Jay Peak ski resort.

The federal EB-5 Immigrant Investment Program grants permanent residency to would-be immigrants and their families who invest at least $500,000 in an American business — so long as the money equates to 10 jobs worth of domestic economic activity within two years.

The development project will run about $445 million to build a biotech facility in Newport and turn Burke Mountain ski area into a year-round recreational resort. Major developments in downtown Newport also are in the works. The pair recently canceled plans to bring a German window manufacturer to town and previously transitioned their expansions at the Newport State Airport to conventional financing.

Hilary Niles

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  • Kathy Nelson

    Perhaps Shumlin should consider resigning from the governor’s office and go to work for Stenger directly, instead of indirectly. Shumlin’s ex-assistant Mclean seemed to think it was a good idea. I’m sure the people of VT would appreciate it if he did.

    • Kathy,
      It would be very profitable for him, which the Dodge was not.

  • Joyce Travers

    I don’t know that Shumlin has ever worked for anyone. Doesn’t he own several of his own companies? I mean – isn’t he like Richy-Rich, rich? It would certainly explain why he (and his administration) is so out of touch with Vermonters. He and Stenger are so busy building their playground for the rich and infamous – he doesn’t have time for our silly problems. ( Like the ongoing healthcare fiasco.) BTW – what is a SOMETHING-BURGER? The “nothing-burger” has now turned into a “something -burger” – what does it mean? Was he hungry or trying to be clever?
    How embarrassing.

  • Annette Smith

    How nice for them, burning up the atmosphere to provide permanent residency to would-be immigrants.

    Now when are these wealthy and powerful businessmen going to step in and tell First Wind it’s time to play “let’s make a deal” with the Therriens and do the right thing and buy them out. They have 50 acres with a beautiful sugarbush. First Wind has polluted it with their wind turbine noise, and this family’s situation is getting more perilous by the day. Vermont’s leaders and First Wind jointly bear the shame of doing nothing to right this wrong.

    Children are suffering. Is anybody listening?

  • Luann Therrien

    I think some 450 foot tall Industrial Wind Turbines is just what Jay Peak needs. I mean it is a mountain after all. Produce the power where it is being used. Wouldn’t have as far for the power to go.
    Oh wait, that’s right, they are unsightly and loud and cause health problems. No one would want to go there for any length of time

    • Luann,
      ………and lower property values. Better keep them from Jay Peak.

  • Vanessa Mills

    It is deplorable how Shumlin and those in lock-step with him have ignored the Therriens plea for help. I think Shumlin could take some time, roll up his sleeves and walk in some shoes of Vermont families? The Therriens live too close to get adequate, healthy sleep. Maybe someone would be interested in purchasing their (off-the-grid-with-solar) home and this would allow them a chance to regain health and start over? Is that likely, though? Would Shumlin find this a benefit, to buy them out– at full value? And what IS that value—–as they now live next to a wind project (one turbine sited 3/4 mile from their home and five turbines within 2 miles and 16 of them all around them. Shumlin should help them out of this bind, as they didn’t outwardly oppose the Sheffield project, believing they wouldn’t be impacted, believing this project was for the public good. Now they and their children suffer, as homeowners and Vermont property owners. I think Shumlin ought to focus on fixing this problem. It would seem those Therrien children do not matter to him. Shame on you, Shumlin.

    Links to testimony given at the Vermont State House, it explains all.

    See Dr. Shapiro’s presentation and the rest of the audio, testimony : _SHW_042413.mp3 iro_SHW_042413.mp3 042413.mp3

    Video of Luann’s testimony:

    and the evening news coverage of the health committee hearing, which begins with coverage of a 4 turbine 2.5 MW Goldwind project that has not been operating for much of the last week:

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