Sanders opposes state wind moratorium proposal

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Sanders told reporters he is concerned about the national implications of a short-term ban in Vermont.

Sanders votes against weak filibuster reform

Sanders votes against weak filibuster reform.

Sanders’ statement: Mental Health Care in America

“We must make sure that mental health services are available to all Americans regardless of income,” said Sen. Bernie Sanders, a member of the committee. “Today for low- and middle-income people living in rural areas it is especially difficult to find timely, affordable care.”

Sanders: Strong filibuster reform needed now

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said today he strongly supports long-overdue filibuster reform to stop a single senator without explanation from forcing an extraordinary majority of 60 votes to advance legislation.

Gas pricing expert says Burlington is 15th highest market in nation

Rep. Mark Higley, R-Lowell, talks with Rep. Chip Conquest, D-Groton, at a hearing on gas prices t the Statehouse Tuesday afternoon. Photo by Roger Crowley

Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell outlined steps lawmakers can take to help lower prices and foster competition.

Sanders recognizes Vermont broadcasting and motor sports legend Ken Squier

In remarks entered today in the Congressional Record, Sen. Bernie Sanders recognized Ken Squier, the “Voice of the Daytona 500” and a Vermont native widely respected in the motor sports and broadcast communities.

Sanders’ statement on President Obama’s proposals on guns

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) issued the following statement today in response to President Barack Obama’s proposals on gun violence.

Citing record heat in U.S. and Vt., Sanders plans agressive push on global warming

Coming off the hottest year on record across the United States and in Vermont, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said today that he will introduce legislation to move aggressively to reverse global warming.

Sanders: McConnell is dead wrong

“Sen. McConnell is dead wrong when he rules out additional revenue as part of the solution to our deficit crisis. He is also wrong when he suggests the solution to the deficit situation is to cut Social Security, veterans’ benefits, Medicare and Medicaid.

Sanders sworn in for second Senate term

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) was sworn in today for his second term in the U.S. Senate. The oath of office was administered by Vice President Joe Biden, the president of the Senate.

Congressional delegation: Fiscal cliff deal is a step, but long way from “grand bargain”

Rep. Peter Welch, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Patrick Leahy got together Monday to talk about the farm bill passed through the house in June. VTD Photo/Taylor Dobbs

“This was a made-in-Congress crisis imposed on everyone by factional obstructionism in the House,” Leahy said.

Sanders to chair Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) today was named chairman of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

Southern Vermont receives $470,000 to bolster long-term recovery efforts following Irene

The Windham Regional Commission and the Bennington County Regional Commission will receive $470,000 in Economic Development Administration (EDA) funds to bolster long-term recovery efforts in southern Vermont following Tropical Storm Irene, Vermont’s congressional delegation announced today.

AARP warns seniors could suffer from fiscal cliff cuts


The AARP says that 91,000 senior Vermonters now receive Social Security benefits averaging $14,000 per year, and that reformulating cost of living adjustments would cut about $270 million in Social Security benefits to Vermonters over the next 10 years.

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