Anthony Pollina

Anthony Pollina: Economic recovery starts with the middle class, not budget cuts

The budget debate can’t be limited to our “spending problem.” We need to talk about declining incomes, increased inequality and the middle class as key to economic recovery.

Milne won’t seek recount, but isn’t conceding the race

The totals in last Tuesday’s gubernatorial election were made official Wednesday; Gov. Shumlin finished first with 2,434 votes more than Scott Milne. The Republican candidate declined to seek a recount, but didn’t concede the race. He is still considering an appeal to the Legislature, which will formally elect the next governor since no candidate won a majority of the vote.

Republicans gain two seats in Vermont Senate

The GOP will have nine senators next session as Dustin Degree picked up a seat vacated by Don Collins in Franklin County and Brian Collamore won a seat in Rutland County. Incumbents Anthony Pollina and Mark MacDonald survive stiff challenges.

Lawmakers to revisit fossil fuel divestment

In 2014, a bid to divest state retirement funds from fossil fuel industries failed in the legislature. Activists plan a new push in the new year, and one state senator promises to reintroduce divestment legislation. State Treasurer Beth Pearce opposes the move, saying she prefers to have “a seat at the table” with the industry.

Pollina applauds increase in local investments

Washington County State Senator Anthony Pollina is applauding the start of a new program directing up to $35 million in state funds to local economic development projects.

Stakeholders explore ways to make Vermont colleges more affordable

Students, educators and college officials tackle ideas to increase funding for state colleges and reduce student debt load.

Senate signs off on budget bill

Galbraith’s attempts to modify the governor’s $4.5 million Enterprise Investment Fund plan fall short.

Senate gives initial approval to $5.5 billion budget

The Senate version would raise General Fund spending by 3.7 percent and overall spending by 4.2 percent. It includes $28.6 million to fund retired teachers’ health care and medical benefits, and shuffles some departmental responsibilities.

Senate panel scraps bill to curb powers of part-time police

Instead of creating a multi-layered system of police authority and training, committee calls for a report detailing how such a plan would work.

Bill limiting the power of part-time police meets resistance

Law enforcement groups speak out against proposal that would create a three-tiered system of police authority.

Senate endorses bill to allow health department to regulate toxic chemicals

Firefighters join call to support the bill; business groups suggest the measure is too broad.

Story + video: Governor signs bill purging offensive language from state statutes

Respectful language bill strips outdated and offensive descriptions from Vermont’s law books, such as the word “retarded,” which appeared at least 75 times in statute.

Legislators weigh renewable energy goals against towns’ input for siting energy projects

At a Senate Democratic caucus Tuesday, lawmakers discussed a committee bill, S.191, which would require state regulators to uphold town energy plans when deciding whether to approve energy projects.

Senate gives preliminary approval to involuntary medication bill

After weeks of testimony and revisions, bill is ready for final vote. Sen. Anthony Pollina, who voted against it, predicts more mentally ill patients will be medicated against their will.

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