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Economic Development & Labor


H.187 – Paid sick leave

This bill proposes to ensure that employees accrue a minimum number of hours of paid sick time annually and prohibits employers from penalizing employees who use their accrued sick time.


S.251 – Changes to liquor control

This bill proposes to limit Liquor Control Board members to a maximum of two five-year terms; to establish the number of board members necessary for a quorum and for the board to take action; to provide for the appointment of the Commissioner of Liquor Control by the Governor from a pool of candidates proposed by the Liquor Control Board; and to direct the Legislative Council, in consultation with the board, department, and attorney general, to prepare a draft bill that would reorganize and clarify the statutory provisions of Title 7.


H.261 – Ban the box

Job applications often include a checkbox requesting that candidates attest to whether they have ever committed a crime. Often, advocates say, employers automatically discard applications that have the box checked. H.261 would prohibit businesses from asking job candidates about their criminal background on the first application form — with some exceptions for certain positions. Employers would be free to ask about prior convictions or arrests in subsequent application forms and interviews.

Stacey Peters