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Investigative journalists rely on members of the public to expose corruption and wrongdoing. We offer several ways to share tips, story ideas and sensitive information with our newsroom.

We do not reveal the identities of anonymous sources who wish to give us confidential information. These methods of contact are designed to ensure communication is as secure as possible.

Option 1: Submit a tip and/or document

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Option 2: Postal mail

Mail delivered through the postal service is a secure means of communication. We recommend that you use a public mailbox — a blue box on the street — instead of a post office.

A letter with no return address can be sent to:

VTDigger, attn: Newsroom
P.O. Box 1374
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Additional safeguards and information

If you are using the Tor browser, you should ensure that there is no keylogging malware on your PC, MAC or tablet. If your computer has already been compromised, we cannot safeguard your identity or the information you are sending us. It’s good practice to routinely run malware checkers on your devices.

Any content uploaded to the platform will be treated in the utmost confidentiality by us to protect your anonymity unless you indicate you wish to waive it.

Sending us your material is no guarantee that we will report on it or publish a story using that material.

VTDigger will not set cookies, fingerprint your browser/machine or display third-party content when you use our tips systems. Use is ultimately at your own risk.

Thank you for helping us to promote secure, independent, nonprofit journalism.