Vermont Yankee

State sues federal regulators over Vermont Yankee trust fund

The lawsuit is the latest step in an ongoing dispute between the state and the federal regulators over how Entergy can spend money from a Vermont Yankee decommissioning trust fund.

NRC approves step toward eliminating emergency protection requirements at Vermont Yankee

Nuclear Regulatory Commission finds no significant impacts if Entergy discontinues its emergency planning zone around the idle Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant.

NRC closes inspector’s office at Vermont Yankee

The Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant closed the resident inspector’s office this month after the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) decided that activities at the non-operating plant no longer require constant inspection. Since the plant entered the decommissioning stage Dec. 29, 2014, the normal activities and duties conducted by a resident inspector, a position to which […]

State: Vermont Yankee trust fund process ‘broken’

Chris Recchia, commissioner of the Public Service Department, and other state officials say they are deeply concerned about how, when and for what purposes plant owner Entergy will be allowed to withdraw cash from Vermont Yankee’s decommissioning trust fund.

NRC says Entergy can use decommissioning fund to store spent fuel

Entergy may use about $225 million to manage spent fuel, but only after it uses up about $143 million from a line of credit.

Nuclear watchdog wants auditor to oversee Vermont Yankee fund

Group has prepared a report looking at Entergy’s plans to decommission the Vernon nuclear power plant and urges the state’s involvement. Auditor Doug Hoffer says he lacks authority.

Entergy launches TV program on decommissioning process

Administrators at Vermont Yankee say they have launched a monthly show called “SAFSTOR Matters” as a way to tell their story in a different, more accessible way.

Vermont Yankee decommissioning panel focuses on spent fuel storage

Five months after the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant stopped producing power, debate about the site’s future has turned to a 76-foot-by-93-foot concrete slab that doesn’t yet exist and eventually will host dry casks.

Entergy dodges hearing on emergency planning cuts

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission rejects state’s argument that Vermont Yankee’s storage of spent fuel continues to pose public health and safety risk.

Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel to meet May 28

News Release — Vermont Public Service Department May 15, 2015 Contact Michelle Hughes, Special Assistant to the Commissioner 802-828-3065 [email protected]   Montpelier, Vermont – The Public Service Department today announced the next meeting of the Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel will be held on Thursday May 28, 2015, from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM, in […]

Lengthy review expected of Vermont Yankee’s design for pad for dry casks

Editor’s note: This article is by Michael Faher, of the Brattleboro Reformer, in which it was first published May 8, 2015. VERNON — A key, early milestone in Vermont Yankee decommissioning is moving all of the facility’s spent nuclear fuel into long-term “dry” storage. But plant owner Entergy first needs to construct a new pad […]

State agencies, towns, partners participate in radiological exercise

News Release — Vermont Department of Public Safety Division of Emergency Management & Homeland Security May 12, 2015 Contact: Mark Bosma, VT DEMHS 802-839-6717 or 800-347-0488 Waterbury, Vt. – The Vermont Division of Emergency Management & Homeland Security and its state and local partners will take part in a biennial graded exercise of its radiological […]

NRC says no significant environmental impacts to Entergy’s reduced emergency preparedness plan

NRC spokesman Neil Sheehan noted that all of the other U.S. nuclear power plants that have permanently ceased operations have been granted exemptions allowing changes to their emergency plans.

Shumlin’s response to DOJ announcement that it will not intervene in the Entergy case

“I am gratified to hear that Attorney General Holder and the Department of Justice have declined to intervene in this case.”