Vermont House Education Committee

Phantom student provision in the spotlight

Lawmakers consider how the state counts student population, as Gov. Shumlin proposes to cut phantom student subsidies.

Testimonies paint a bleak picture for House Education Committee

An “all-star team” of lawmakers prepares to take on declining enrollment and property taxes.

House Education Committee takes up life-saving measure

Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 4, from 8:30 – 9:45 a.m., volunteers will testify before the Vermont House Education Committee about the importance of passing S.245, the CPR in Schools bill, which will provide every Vermont high school student with an opportunity to learn CPR before graduating.

Peltz: Regional education district redux

Last December I hosted a facilitated gathering of educators to answer the question: how can we preserve and improve the quality of education with continued cutbacks and likely consolidation? What emerged from this group became the core principle of H.66 and Act 153: provide incentives for local voluntary mergers.

House Ed nearly runs aground on Challenges; proposes $23.2M in voluntary reductions for schools

Kilmartin proposed that the public education system be exempted from the Challenges; Public Strategies Group and Vilaseca supported the idea.

Vilaseca recommends mandatory redistricting, higher student-to-staff ratios and sweeping changes to special education

Education advocates give Vilaseca an A for effort and an F for proposing to mandate school district mergers and redraw the boundaries himself.

House Ed Committee passes “Peltz” bill 11-0; legislation proposes voluntary school mergers

Linda Waite-Simpson: “To put a cookie cutter district plan on this incredibly complex system is a recipe for disaster.”