Vermont broadband

ECFiber hits $3 million mark for investments in Vermont broadband

At the December 11 meeting of ECFiber’s Governing Board, Treasurer John Roy announced that in the most recent round of financing, closing on December 3, ECFiber received $475,000 from 45 different investors.

Sheehan: Witnessing Vermont’s broadband evolution

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an individual, a business, or a community group. This is the difference between reaching your target and wandering down a digital side road that brings you to Ashton Kutcher’s breakfast menu.

Pulcer: Vermont’s broadband infrastructure rating drops to 50th in the nation

The five Democratic candidates agree on many issues. But Matt Dunne really gets what Con Hogan understood back in 2002 about broadband infrastructure. As an old-fogey in the Info Tech field since 1977, I think Matt Dunne is the candidate who can really significantly improve broadband access in Vermont.

Evslin: Vermont broadband stimulated with $45.6M

The US Commerce Department recently announced that Vermont was awarded two broadband stimulus grants totaling $45,649,894 for “comprehensive community infrastructure”. These awards should assure that Vermont achieves its e-state goal of going from broadband laggard to broadband leader. The projects will bring some benefits within a year; they’ll be completed within three years. By that […]