Joint venture has IBM tackling renewable energy’s grid effects

The new company will crunch data from customers’ electric meters to help forecast conditions on the grid, which is predicted to save Vermonters money.

Mega international power transmission line wins federal approval

The New England Clean Power Link will transport hydroelectric and wind power from the Canadian border under Lake Champlain and through Vermont to southern New England. Vermont utility customers should benefit from payments made to VELCO.

Power line developers dismiss need for costly grid upgrades

According to the backers of the Vermont Green Line, VELCO is seeking infrastructure improvements that would add millions to the project’s cost.

Natural gas prices predicted to surge this winter

Natural gas power generators dominate New England’s electricity supply, but delivery methods haven’t kept up.

Green Mountain Power Named Finalist for Electric Power Industry’s Highest Honor

News Release — Green Mountain Power April 21, 2016 Contact: Kristin Carlson, Green Mountain Power 802-229-8200 [email protected] VELCO also finalist for Award COLCHESTER, VT…. In recognition of its leadership and innovation, Green Mountain Power has been named as a finalist for the Edison Electric Institute’s 2016 Edison Award, the electric power industry’s most prestigious honor. […]

State concerned about proposal for giant solar project

A New York City company is planning four separate 20-megawatt solar farms that officials worry would strain the state’s transmission infrastructure.

Power outages may linger into weekend

The water density of this week’s storm was a surprise, state and utility officials say. According to Roger Hill, a professional meteorologist in Worcester, the water to snow ratio where he is located was 5 to 1. He said this is unusually wet and more common in coastal areas.

Permit sought for transmission line under Lake Champlain

TDI New England is seeking state OK to build a 154-mile power transmission line under Lake Champlain and over to Ludlow. State would receive compensation but none of the electricity.

VELCO to make up for property tax underpayments

FERRISBURGH — Vermont Electric Power Co. has agreed to pay about $200,000 to five Vermont towns to make up for property tax revenue those towns have lost since 2009 due to a what a VELCO official called a “miscalculation” on how it assessed property in those five towns and Shelburne. Because of its error, VELCO […]

Vermont Supreme Court orders review of transmission line valuation in Vernon

There has been no easy agreement in Vernon, where Vermont Transco owns five electrical substations, seven transmission lines, a fiber-optic line, land and utility easements.

Ruling forces Vermont to share cost of adding regional transmission

Court ruling on FERC Order 1000 means Vermont must share the cost of building and upgrading electricity transmission lines in all of New England.

PSB halts Vermont Gas pipeline project along VELCO route

The Vermont Public Service Board late Friday ordered Vermont Gas to halt construction of its natural gas pipeline extension along certain sections of the proposed route until the company submits a soil management plan. Pipeline opponents say construction in the VELCO transmission line corridor will release a “hazardous” chemical lodged in the soil. The wood […]

Pipeline opponents warn of water contamination

The wood preservative used to treat utility poles, pentachlorophenol (PCP), has appeared in one Monkton resident’s water well.

State Supreme Court to hear VELCO appeal of jury verdict

The Vermont Supreme Court will take up an eminent domain case between the state’s transmission utility and landowners. Vermont Electric Power Corp., or VELCO, appealed a $1 million jury award to the landowners after the company built a radio tower on their mountaintop property in Wells. Felix Kniazev and Olga Julinska abandoned their home and […]