State Board of Education

With second merger vote looming, Royalton asks, ‘What if?’

Residents met this week to hear about their options, which also hinge on what happens in a revote in Rochester that’s scheduled after theirs.

Education agency losing longtime financial guru

The secretary says Bill Talbott is the only person she knows who has the Green Book — a thick tome that is Vermont’s education law — memorized.

State board approves merger plan that comes with conditions

In Caledonia County, several districts would combine only if another merger or a change in statute comes about that would result in tax breaks. The board also OK’d proposals in southern Vermont.

State erasing alleged bias on district merger exemptions

Some had argued the standards for districts that couldn’t or didn’t want to merge were more stringent than the rules for those that were uniting under the law.

House committee puts own spin on Act 46 flexibility

The panel accommodated requests from more than 30 House members to add more language from H.15, a bill once described as offering so much flexibility as to gut the intent of Act 46.

Governor appoints 2 to State Board of Education

John O’Keefe of Manchester and former Sen. John Carroll will replace outgoing Chair Stephan Morse and Vice Chair Sean Marie Oller, sources said.

Senate panel drops attempt to overhaul education board

The Education Committee supported legislation creating a special group to recommend how to move forward with controversial private school rules and making various other changes to laws.

Advocates push ‘equity’ for special education students

The debate over public funding of private schools includes whether they should have to educate all students, as long as there is room.

‘Error’ in private school rules has some feeling déjà vu

“Those communities are not crazy to think it is part of a philosophical push that has been in the air for some years,” said one lawmaker, harking back to failed legislation on public money for private education.

Windham Southeast seeks state’s help with Act 46 ‘impasse’

The supervisory union’s Act 46 study committee has decided not to push for a controversial merger vote. Instead, it will ask the State Board of Education for advice on how to move forward.

Senators aim to bring education board to heel over school rules

Proposed legislation would throw out the draft rules, give private schools a board seat and require members to hew to legislative intent in rulemaking.

Board puts off private school rules amid talk of political sway

Members agreed they need the Education Agency’s input, which they haven’t had since August. How to make that happen was a matter of some disagreement.

UPDATED: Holcombe reappointed as education secretary

She will continue in the post she has held since being appointed by Gov. Peter Shumlin in 2014.

State board struggles to bring public, private schools together

A gulf still remains on some aspects of revising controversial draft rules about the public funding of private schools.