Senate Government Operations Committee

Businesses ask for less bureaucracy in state contracting

Construction companies say they experience red tape when working on state-funded projects.

Expert says ethics commission could save millions

Author and attorney Michael Palmer testified that an ethics commission and codes of conduct could prevent hundreds of millions in losses for the state of Vermont.

Talk of ethics turns to how much disclosure is too much

A Senate committee wrestled Tuesday with what financial information high-up state officials, legislators and political candidates would have to supply to a statewide ethics commission. One area of discussion focused on whether lawyers, housepainters or others who have clients would have to disclose their names. Committee members said they understood concerns that disclosing those names […]

Sorrell sees issues with scope, details of state ethics board idea

The attorney general praised the efforts but faulted the current approach contemplated by the bill, with the commission acting as “investigator, prosecutor, judge and jury.”

Public bank advocates press for study

Proponents of a state-owned “public bank” want policymakers to consider alternatives to depositing taxpayer funds with out-of-state shareholders. The renewed call coincides with a $53 million civil penalty settlement by TD Bank, the state’s primary depository.

Senate reforms campaign finance rules, ends corporate donations

The 24-3-3 vote makes it illegal for corporations and labor unions to donate directly to political candidates.

Donation caps for statewide candidates could edge upwards

White: “It’s a whole new world with Super PACs that have unlimited contributions. And unless we can limit the contributions to Super PACs … they need to have higher limits.”