Sales: Lessons from Indian Point

Thus the data and analysis available for licensing of Indian Point, and presumably Vermont Yankee, and Judge Murtha’s decision, appears to have been very incomplete.

CVPS, GMP sue Entergy-Vermont Yankee over cooling tower failures

Seeking to recover costs resulting from Vermont Yankee cooling tower failures in 2007 and 2008, the state’s two largest distribution utilities have filed a lawsuit against Entergy-Vermont Yankee (Entergy) in Vermont Superior Court in Windham County.

Tritium in CT River: Not a “SMALL AMOUNT”

Depending on the volume of discharge, river flow rate, and other factors, this sample could have been diluted several orders of magnitude, so concentrations at the point of discharge could well be in the hundreds of thousands of picocuries per liter.

26 groups want safety examined after Fukushima

The groups filed 19 legal challenges against the Nuclear Regulatory Commission last week calling for the delay or cancellation of the relicensing of all nuclear reactors.

Sanders Expects U.S. to Stay Out of Vermont Yankee Court Fight

“While I recognize that it is the responsibility of the Department of Justice to monitor developments in all ongoing litigation, I am pleased that they have no plans to intervene and I am confident that the Department will see no reason to intervene in the future,” Sanders said.

New England Coalition urges in-depth review of Vermont Yankee

On May 19th, NEC joined the Maryland-based national organization, Beyond Nuclear, and an unknown number of regional organizations, in an enforcement petition with the NRC that would have that agency undertake a precautionary shutdown of 24 US “boiling water” nuclear reactors, including in New England, Entergy Pilgrim and Entergy Vermont Yankee, until basic design flaws that became evident at Fukushima are fixed and the remedies independently verified as technically sound and workable.

NRC waives enforcement of fire rules at nuclear plants

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is routinely waiving fire rule violations at nearly half the nation’s 104 commercial reactors, even though fire presents one of the chief hazards at nuclear plants.

Countdown to Closure

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 8, 2011 CONTACT: Nancy Braus (802) 380-3362 [email protected] Bob Bady (802) 258-7750 [email protected] Randy Kehler (413) 624-8858 [email protected] A public event entitled “COUNTDOWN TO CLOSURE and a Green, Nuclear-Free Future” will take place on Monday evening, March 21, at 7:00 pm, at the Centre Congregational Church, 193 Main St. in downtown […]

Evslin: Nuclear plants shouldn’t be subsidized either

Should new nuclear plants be built? The decision should be a scientific and economic and not a political one. New nuclear plants should NOT be subsidized any more than wind turbines and solar panels should be.

Colomb: Vermont Yankee sets the record straight

As the debate over the future of Vermont Yankee continues, it is important that all stakeholders have accurate information concerning the plant’s operations. Vermont Yankee is a top industry performer as measured by a variety of reliability indicators. These operational achievements follow Entergy’s investment since 2002 of more than $400 million to maintain and improve the reliability of the plant.

Leas: Entergy sale of Yankee will meet resistance

Entergy’s attempt to sell raises a troubling question: If a company as strong and committed to nuclear power as Entergy Corporation–the second largest owner of nuclear plants in the US–could not manage to keep this plant from leaking and retain the confidence of Vermonters, or if Entergy’s own confidence in the plant has declined, would Vermonters be wise to let anyone else operate this plant beyond 2012?

Bradford: Nuclear power’s search for the taxpayer’s wallet

The nuclear industry has spent more than $700 million lobbying and contributing to politicians in the last ten years, so the groundwork for rebranding has been established.

Coal ash: The glowing national security threat

Burning coal concentrates naturally occurring radioactive materials including uranium and thorium. When filtered out by smokestack control equipment, the toxins do not magically disappear.

Greenpeace airship flies over Vermont Yankee

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 14, 2010 CONTACT: Joe Smyth Greenpeace airship flies over risky Entergy nuclear reactor: ‘Shut Down Vermont Yankee’ Photos at Vernon, VT – Greenpeace today flew an airship with a banner reading “Shut Down Vermont Yankee” over the risky and dangerous nuclear reactor to send a message to Entergy, the plant’s […]