McAllister given probation, no jail on prostitution conviction

Norm McAllister

He must also serve on a work crew and have sex offender counseling. “I don’t think anyone would want to be in Mr. McAllister’s shoes,” his lawyer said, arguing jail time wasn’t needed.

UPDATED: McAllister acquitted of sexual assault, guilty of prostituting his accuser

Norm McAllister

“I’m disappointed we didn’t get all of them, but at least the jury got to hear my side, and they believed most of it,” McAllister said, “I feel pretty well vindicated.”

McAllister accuser: Plight meant ‘none of it felt consensual’

Norm McAllister

The woman he is charged with sexually assaulting took the stand Thursday. The defense plans to call its only witness Friday.

McAllister trial begins with playing of key phone call


Jurors heard a recording in which the former state senator and his accuser discussed a sex act that is the basis of the most serious charge against him.

Jury selection stretches on for McAllister’s sex assault trial

Norm McAllister

The former state senator’s defense attorney asked prospective jurors whether they believe prostitution, or sex in exchange for anything of value, could be consensual even if it’s illegal.

Judge’s ruling keeps McAllister trial on track for July

Norm McAllister

A judge has rejected a defense request for another delay, and former state Sen. Norman McAllister’s sex crimes trial is set for July.