Montreal-Portland pipeline

Dennis: Pipelines and pie at town meeting

Every year at town meeting, I want to stand up and say something appropriately corny about how grateful I am — because I know other people feel the same way, and because there’s a place for being a little corny at the venerable institution of town meeting.

Canadian officials counter Town Meeting Day resolutions against tar sands oil

Of the 23 towns that placed a tar sands resolution on their Town Meeting Day agendas, 22 passed some version of the item. And six towns moved a resolution from the floor and passed it.

Environmental groups push for preemptive halt to oil transit

“It is likely to exacerbate corrosion of 62-year-old pipes and set the stage for disastrous oil spills for some of our most rural and beautiful places in the state,” Johanna Miller said.

Will tar sands oil flow through Vermont?

Environmental groups believe that connecting the dots between Enbridge’s recent moves shows that the big picture is a plan to move tar sands oil through Vermont.