Man who settled suit over drug arrest is jailed on new charges

In a previous case, footage indicated a Burlington police officer lied about smelling marijuana coming from the man’s car. Rutland police now say they found the man with drugs.

Steve May: Deterrence should outweigh drugged driving standards

Whatever standard we ultimately adopt for drugged driving, be clear that standard will be arbitrary, informed by political reality every bit as much as best medical practices.

New initiatives addressing substance abuse in Bennington area

They aim to reduce binge drinking, marijuana use and prescription drug abuse among young people. Statistics suggest more county youth who use marijuana are frequent users versus the state as a whole.

Dollars tell only part of story of pot legalization advocacy

Many familiar with the efforts say paid lobbying is just one part of a mosaic of initiatives from a variety of players.

Marijuana legalization falters in the House

The legislation swiftly passed the Senate, but House lawmakers didn’t agree to suspend parliamentary rules so they could take it up in Wednesday’s brief veto session.

Pot compromise to come up in veto session, but prospects dim

Neither the governor nor the House minority leader showed any inclination to pressure Republicans to allow a rules suspension that would be needed to push a bill through the planned brief veto session.

Karen Randall: Marijuana legalization from a Colorado community member

The marijuana industry is happy to banter about all the tax money generated by selling their product. I have been living that promise for the last four years.

Scott, lawmakers zero in on pot legalization

House Republican leaders have indicated that they are not likely to accept a rules suspension. If they follow through with that threat, they would effectively kill the bill for this year.

Kimberly Cheney: Move forward on marijuana compromise

My colleagues and I at Law Enforcement Action Partnership know from personal experience that marijuana prohibition has failed.

Legislative leaders, governor set to meet ahead of veto session

The main focus of the closed-door meetings will be the three bills Scott has vetoed: the budget, property tax and pot legislation.

Medical marijuana expansion gets governor’s signature

Meanwhile, discussions about the bill legalizing recreational marijuana that the governor rejected are continuing ahead of the veto session this month.

Ed Wood: Skydiving without a parachute

Legalizing and commercializing marijuana prior to having effective laws in place to identify and deal with its consequences is akin to skydiving without a parachute.

Upper Valley officials react to rejection of marijuana legalization

Former state’s attorney Bobby Sand said it was “the most hopeful bad news” he’s heard lately, while Hartford Police Chief Phil Kasten said he was “very grateful” for the veto.

Tim Trevithick: Marijuana legalization not the Vermont way

As a high school Student Assistance Program counselor in Vermont, I urge the governor to veto the marijuana legalization bill on his desk.