Upper Valley officials react to rejection of marijuana legalization

Former state’s attorney Bobby Sand said it was “the most hopeful bad news” he’s heard lately, while Hartford Police Chief Phil Kasten said he was “very grateful” for the veto.

Tim Trevithick: Marijuana legalization not the Vermont way

As a high school Student Assistance Program counselor in Vermont, I urge the governor to veto the marijuana legalization bill on his desk.

Paul Armentano: Drugged driving concerns should not influence marijuana decision

One can sympathize with the governor’s position. But a careful review of the available evidence finds that such fears are largely unfounded.

Judge: Marijuana ‘sniff test’ enough for vehicle search

“Vermont’s decriminalization statute explicitly states that it leaves unchanged marijuana’s ability to furnish probable cause” for a search, the judge wrote. The driver was never charged.

Countdown begins: Scott has five days to decide on pot

While not “philosophically opposed” to legalization, he is “not sure the time is right now.” Advocates on all sides are making a push to sway him.

UPDATED: Limited marijuana legalization clears Legislature

This is the first time any state legislature has passed pot legalization; other states did it through ballot measures. Gov. Phil Scott has expressed reservations about legalization.

Senate makes renewed pitch for pot legalization

The Senate Friday went along with a House measure allowing for possession of an ounce, but also required a commission to set a path to establishing a regulated legal market.

Despite House’s OK, legalization bill likely roadblocked

It’s too late for the Senate to take up H.170 this year. But the Judiciary Committee chair raised the potential of using a separate House bill — with language the Senate approved — as a vehicle.

Vermont House OKs one ounce marijuana possession

While the vote represents a significant victory for advocates of marijuana legalization, the finish line is a long way off.

Dean Whitlock: Legalized marijuana imperils highway safety, increases mental health burden

New research findings, combined with Vermont’s recent traffic fatality data, highlight the fact that marijuana is not harmless.

Dave Silberman: Marijuana closing arguments

As the end of the legislative session approaches, I write to ask that you support the common-sense marijuana reform laid out in several bills before you.

Shayne Spence: A Republican support of legalizing marijuana

There is so much to be gained from supporting legalization, and so little to lose.

Marijuana legalization heads to House floor

Lawmakers took a “Vermont scale step” toward addressing legalization.

Howard Fairman: An underhand move in the Legislature

On April 21, 21 of our senators quietly resurrected S.241 and passed it off as a “proposal of amendment” to an unrelated bill passed by our House of Representatives.