Jane Sanders

Judge issues foreclosure order for Burlington College

People’s United Bank expects to buy the remaining property, then resell it. The bank is looking at a loss of more than $700,000 on a loan to the school; other creditors get nothing.

Sanders dismisses Burlington College allegations as political

“This implication came from Donald Trump’s Vermont campaign manager,” the senator told WCAX. Federal officials have been investigating the college.

Case closed, no charges for Burlington College burglary suspect

Authorities say they do not have enough evidence to charge a suspect identified in the case and will considered it closed unless new evidence turns up.

Burlington College donor says she never signed pledge

Corrine Bove Maietta was incredulous that former college president Jane Sanders would try to use her bequest to secure a bank loan.

Emails reveal FBI, Justice probe of Burlington College

“I think we need to make sure there is nothing significant to our federal investigation” before allowing college records to be destroyed, a criminal lawyer for the U.S. attorney wrote in December.

Wikileaks release triggers Jane Sanders’ nastygram

Jane Sanders sounded off on Twitter, calling Shumlin’s endorsement “worthless” and saying the timing of it represented “pathetic crass politics.”

Burlington College president blames Jane Sanders, others for school’s demise

Dr. Carol Moore said the college closed because of actions taken by Jane Sanders and a lack of sufficient oversight by the school’s board of trustees and a local bank.

UPDATED: Sanders lake home purchase leaves questions unanswered

A Maine property transfer tax document obtained by VTDigger on Thursday says Jane Sanders sold her stake in the property for $150,000. She told news outlets last week that the sale covered the cost of her new $575,000 camp on North Hero.

Special report: Sanders campaign millions go to mystery firm

Little is known about the company being paid to buy ad time, except that it’s represented by two former colleagues of Jane Sanders from a time when her own history of working for her husband’s campaign became controversial.

Tardy Sanders financial disclosure is dominated by wife’s pensions

Two deadlines had passed for the annual filing, which is required of all U.S. senators. The candidate has also been slow to part with tax information that presidential hopefuls typically release.

Trustees say feds may be investigating Burlington College land deal, but no official confirmation

Two trustees and a financial advisor say they have heard reports the 2010 land deal orchestrated by former college President Jane Sanders, wife of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, is under scrutiny.

Vermont GOP official requests federal probe into Jane Sanders fraud allegations

The vice chair of the Vermont Republican Party is asking federal authorities to investigate fraud allegations leveled against former Burlington College president Jane Sanders, the wife of presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Catholic church takes loss in loan settlement with Burlington College

Documents show the church wrote off as much as $1 million in debt, and there is no indication it received any interest payments due from Burlington College, which could total between $500,000 and $1 million.

Jane Sanders overstated donation amounts in loan application for Burlington College

Sanders told People’s United Bank that the college had $2.6 million in pledged donations to support the purchase of the former Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington property on North Avenue. The college, however, received only $676,000 in actual donations over a four-year period.