Jane Sanders

Bill Schubart: Burlington College — politics or governance failure?

I won’t dwell on the details of Burlington College except to say that the entire fault lies with the board.

Morgan True discusses college probe on WBUR’s ‘On Point’

The VTDigger reporter told host John Harwood about the origin of the federal probe into the land deal Jane Sanders made as president of Burlington College.

Subpoena confirms feds’ focus is Burlington College land deal

The subpoena issued to a Vermont finance agency demands records related to the purchase that Jane Sanders spearheaded, including “any and all fundraising efforts, pledges, donations.”

Don Keelan: Sanders keep it all in the family

The senator and his family have emulated the Trumps in so many ways that it has to be disheartening to his legion of followers.

Source of Sanders bank pressure allegations says evidence is hearsay

Rep. Don Turner said the allegations arose from a conversation he had with three bankers at a Montpelier restaurant around the time the school closed.

Sanders denies Burlington College allegations on cable shows

The senator called it an “absolute lie” that he improperly helped secure a loan for Burlington College while his wife was president there. He was asked about the claim on CNN and MSNBC.

The Deeper Dig: Jane Sanders and Burlington College explained

This week’s podcast features two stories about Jane Sanders’ leadership at Burlington College: a land deal that has sparked a federal investigation, and an arrangement with her daughter’s woodworking school.

Smith: Will Sanders rekindle the Bern?

A probe of his wife’s role at Burlington College and a fight with religious folks might be signs of trouble for Sanders.

Sanders lawyered up in federal probe of Burlington College

Former school officials say they have been contacted by attorneys representing Jane Sanders, who as college president orchestrated the land deal that was blamed for sinking the school.

One family, two schools: Questions raised about another Sanders deal

As Burlington College president, Jane Sanders forged a financial arrangement with an off-site school run by her daughter. Was it, as a critic says, a “sweetheart deal” or an effective program?

Burlington College fundraiser disputes $1M donor’s claim

Michael Luck said the donor had signed an agreement allowing the college to claim the $1 million bequest in cash payments over time.

Sanders launches think tank

The three paid staffers, include her son, David Driscoll, who is listed as a co-founder and creative director.

Judge issues foreclosure order for Burlington College

People’s United Bank expects to buy the remaining property, then resell it. The bank is looking at a loss of more than $700,000 on a loan to the school; other creditors get nothing.

Sanders dismisses Burlington College allegations as political

“This implication came from Donald Trump’s Vermont campaign manager,” the senator told WCAX. Federal officials have been investigating the college.