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Donna Sutton Fay: Vermont Health Connect is better for Vermont than the federal exchange

Under a federal exchange, insurance would cost more and we would weaken our ability to develop a consumer protection system that works for Vermonters. We would receive less federal money for providing in-person assistance to Vermonters.

Thomas Koch: A straight-on look at health care reform

Over the years, I’ve had plenty to say about the problems with our health care system. … Some people have asked me a fair question: “What would you do?”

Government Accountability Office to expand audit of state health exchanges

GAO agrees to investigate use of federal money spent on health care exchanges. It’s uncertain whether Vermont Health Connect will be among the targets.

Till walked out on health care vote in frustration — not for a medical emergency

When Rep. George Till, D-Jericho, abruptly left the House Health Care Committee on Friday just before a major vote, many of his fellow legislators thought the physician had an emergency to attend to. But that’s not the case. Till told VTDigger on Tuesday that he left the room for political reasons. He wanted the major […]

New marketplace on track to offer quality health coverage for Vermonters in 2014

Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius today announced that Vermont has made significant progress in setting up its own affordable health insurance marketplace, or Exchange. Vermont is conditionally approved to operate a State-based Exchange, which means Vermont is on track to run the marketplace in 2014.

Senate gives final approval to health care exchange bill

Senators who support the bill said the exchange program will benefit small companies that struggle to pay health insurance premiums for workers.

In the Green Room: Health care exchange debate sidetracked by sports injury liability issue; Vermont Yankee thermal discharge fee unchanged

Senators pass plan to raise school dropout age, scrap proposal to put the screws to metal thieves.

Shouldice: Small business carries burden of health care reform

If the Vermont health care exchange is supposed to be the greatest thing since sliced bread why does Montpelier intend to mandate it only on individuals and small businesses, but give public unions and big businesses a choice?

Sterling: McClaughry’s aim is off on health care exchange

Editor’s note: This op-ed is by Peter Sterling, the director of the Vermont Campaign for Health Care Security Education Fund, a nonprofit organization that works to educate Vermonters about, and enroll them in, public health-care programs. John McClaughry’s piece “Ducking the health exchange bullet” obscures or misrepresents the facts on several key aspects of the […]

McClaughry: Ducking the Shumlin health exchange bullet

Just two years from now – if you are among the 143,000 Vermonters covered by private health insurance — you are highly likely to find your health insurance in complete limbo.

Keller: Painting ourselves into a health care corner

Our governor and Legislature intend to choose one or two carriers, design a single plan for us (with a choice of deductibles only), and prohibit the sale of any other plans to individuals and small businesses.

Shouldice: Small businesses have valid concerns about health care exchange

Shumlin’s current plan heads us down the wrong path with no alternative.