Department of Public Service

GMP seeks five percent increase

A company spokesperson said the rate request will be subject to a “robust regulatory review.”

Annette Smith: The Kafkaesque world of windmill neighbors

Neighbors of wind projects are watching in disbelief as the Public Service Board issues orders affirming the rights of the wind industry while putting neighbors through expensive, time-consuming legal processes that trample rights and provide no relief.

Charles Larkin & Stephen Whitaker: Tierney not a good choice for DPS

The need to begin to restore the Department’s role of unequivocal public advocacy as well as fair and transparent regulation and planning functions will not be effective should this appointment be confirmed.

PSB is urged to be flexible on turbines’ distance from homes

Developers would use computer modeling to determine where wind energy projects can be built without exceeding limits on how much noise neighbors hear.

Public Service Department Announces the Implementation of a New Complaint Protocol

News Release — Department of Public Service September 21, 2016 Contact: Carol Flint, Consumer Affairs Director Department of Public Service 802-828-4009 [email protected] Montpelier, Vermont – Vermonters are now encouraged to file complaints directly with Consumer Affairs and Public Information (CAPI) at the Department of Public Service about a company or developer’s potential failure to comply […]

Vermont Public Service Department Releases Residential Solar Guide

News Release — Vermont Public Service Department September 29, 2016 Contact: Andy Perchlik, Director, Clean Energy Development Fund Vermont Public Service Department (802) 828-4017 [email protected] Vermont Public Service Department Releases A New Consumer Information Resource: “A Vermonter’s Guide to Residential Solar” A new, free guide produced for the Vermont Public Service Department will help homeowners navigate […]

Chuck Reiss: Vermont Gas CEO comments on gas pipeline misleading

No amount of half-truths and misleading information from Vermont Gas and the Department of Public Service will hide the fact that this was a project that never should have happened.

Vermont Gas fires back at criticism of prices

A report says ratepayers are stuck with too-high natural gas prices. But the company says customers pay less than they did in 2006 when it entered into an alternative regulation program with the state.

PSB finalizes new net metering rules

The revised rules reduce the rates paid for power from new net metered projects, limits the size of projects that are eligible, and discourages projects on undeveloped land.

Citing ‘imprudent’ costs, regulators urge Vermont Gas rate cut

The Public Service Department says $53.1 million of the cost of a pipeline project should be thrown out because it was imprudently spent or hasn’t been properly documented. The department also says it’s time for a new way of setting rates.

Regulators knock back GMP rate hike request

The company sought a 3.53 percent increase when it filed rate-setting papers July 1 with the Department of Public Service. The regulatory process took that down to 0.93 percent.

Vermont Department of Public Service Announces Forum on Regional and Municipal Energy Planning Standards

News Release – Vermont Department of Public Service August 5, 2016 Contact: Jon Copans, Vermont Department of Public Service Phone: 828-3088 Email: [email protected] Survey Available Now to Help Inform Draft Standards Montpelier ­– The Department of Public Service invites all interested Vermonters to provide input on the standards the Department must create per Act 174 […]

Protesters disrupt PSB hearing related to paying for pipeline

Vermont Gas Systems wants to use two-thirds of a $21 million ratepayer fund to temporarily limit the expected rate increases customers will pay to cover $134 million of the cost of the controversial pipeline.

Activists stage protest in public service commissioner’s driveway

Chris Recchia said it’s fine if protesters want to demonstrate in front of his office. But he added: “Leave my family and my animals alone.”