Agency of Human Services

Proposal to shift more money into pre-K subsidies languishes

The property tax implications of transferring money out of the education fund generated some criticism. The bill also aims to iron out issues with implementing universal preschool.

Carcinogens found at St. Johnsbury state offices

Eighty-five Agency of Human Services employees who work in three office spaces were moved after chemicals typically associated with dry cleaning were found under the foundation of the building Thursday.

VAHHS Statement on Gobeille Appointment

News Release — Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems Dec. 7, 2016 Contact: Jeff Tieman, President and CEO Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems Telephone: (802) 223-3461, x111 Email: [email protected] Statement of Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems Regarding: Appointment of Al Gobeille as Secretary of the Agency of Human Services The […]

Suicide prompts state probe, policy changes at Brattleboro Retreat

The state Division of Licensing and Protection found that the Brattleboro Retreat violated two regulations when discharging a patient who took his own life the following day.

Middlesex board rebuffs plan to postpone psych facility closing

“We are pushing back against the state a little bit,” said Selectboard Chairman Peter Hood. “They’ve already had one extension, and now they want another one for two more years.”

Tom Pelham: The ‘benefits cliff’ is bad for everyone

When a beneficiary of publicly funded benefits loses those benefits more rapidly than the rate of increased earnings, that creates a huge disincentive to work. It also locks taxpayers into funding benefit programs that might otherwise be supplanted by employment income.

State wants extension of Middlesex temporary psychiatric facility

The Agency of Human Services has asked to keep the site open two years past its scheduled closing date, but the town hasn’t agreed yet, citing concerns that the state isn’t keeping up its end of the bargain.

Bill Schubart: Fixing the Agency of Human Services

S.107 merely rearranges deck chairs and sidesteps the underlying political challenge – leadership, measurement and accountability.

Medicaid by the Numbers: Money increasingly supporting state government, other health programs

An investigation by VTDigger shows that Vermont uses Medicaid money to fund everything from school nurses to UVM’s medical school and the state’s psychiatric hospital.

Shumlin administration considers Speridian for integrated eligibility IT contract

Documents show that the Agency of Human Services may hire Speridian Technologies, a company with a partnership with Oracle, to build a health care IT project.

Jennie Masterson: Vermont setting the standard for supported employment

When Vermont began closing its sheltered workshops over 30 years ago, it literally stood alone in the nation by deciding to create access for workers in Vermont’s business community.

Panel: Remove involuntary medication policy from budget

Members of the administration were surprised the budget included the proposal to save money by speeding the process by which patients in severe mental health crisis can be medicated. But they stand by it.

Employee safety a ‘top priority’ in wake of social worker’s death, agency says

The Agency of Human Services memo came less than a week after Lara Sobel, a social worker with the Department for Children and Families, was gunned down on the way to her car after work.

AHS grant recipients face $10.9 million cut

Community-based organizations that provide services to Vermonters with HIV, the blind and visually impaired and more say that though the amounts may seem small, every dollar counts.