Become an Underwriter

Director of Underwriting Theresa Murray-Clasen

For information about our rates and to design an underwriting package that best fits your budget and needs, contact director of underwriting Theresa Murray-Clasen at 802-595-9991 or 802-225-6224.

Our underwriting program is a significant funding component of our non-profit and fully independent online journalism.

We offer businesses and nonprofits an opportunity to reach a niche audience of decisionmakers: legislators, state agency officials, lawyers, entrepreneurs, lobbyists, business leaders and avid news consumers.

As a non-profit news organization, VTDigger’s reporting is supported by individual contributions, foundation grants, and most importantly, our underwriters, who promote their services via ads that you see on our website.  In a recent survey of our members, 90% of respondents said that VTDigger publishes news they can’t get anywhere else.  Our avid audience has grown since our launch to over 200000 monthly readers – over 10,000 daily readers – a significant number by both statewide and national publishing standards. endorses no political candidates or causes and seeks to present a broad spectrum of views. All sponsorship placements are subject to approval and should include verifiable sources of funding.

ABOUT VTDIGGER is a project of The Vermont Journalism Trust, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. VTDigger maintains editorial independence from its underwriting program, which has no influence whatsoever on the direction or content of our reporting.


  • Underwriting placement on VTDigger is solely a gesture of appreciation for the underwriter’s support, not a guarantee or promise of performance.
  • All underwriting messages are subject to VTDigger’s approval prior to running on
  • Underwriting must be used in a manner that is descriptive in nature only, offering readers the opportunity to learn more.
  • All ads on the VTDigger website are clickable links to landing pages where underwriters are in complete control of the longer message.
  • VTDigger does not endorse or approve of any messages that exist outside the VTDigger website.


Issue messages must stick to the issue and may not be directed at a political figure or promote a political candidate or party. VTDigger does not accept material that contains:

  • sales pitches, puffery (“This is the best flashlight ever made”), comparison advertising, or deadline-driven pricing incentives;
  • ads that reference a specific piece of legislation by name.
  • messages in support of or against a specific political figure.


VTDigger accepts a limited amount of taxable advertising, based on allowable guidelines under federal tax law for non-profit organizations. Taxable advertising is accepted on a first-come, first served basis.Allowable taxable advertising is of the following nature:

  • Political Ads: Ads that directly promote a political party, candidate
  • Advocacy Ads: Ads that reference a specific piece of legislation by name, or advocate for a public policy position or for legislative change (i.e., “Contact your legislator about this issue”).
  • Retail Ads: Ads that contain deadline-driven pricing incentives – such as “Act now to receive 10% discount”, etc.

Condition of Message for Political and Issue Advocacy Advertising:

  • VTDigger does not endorse or warrant the accuracy of political or advocacy messages. Political and Issue Advocacy ad copy must include the previous statement at the bottom of any ads of this nature.
  • Political and Issue Advocacy ads must include a statement about who is paying for the ad, such as “Paid for by X Campaign or X Candidate”.
  • The advertising messages from candidates and advocacy groups must be neutral in tone.
  • VTDigger will not accept taxable advertising that contains puffery (“Candidate X is the greatest candidate for women”) or direct comparisons.


VTDigger will decline any underwriting or advertising material which it deems are in violation of any of the above policies.