“I think it is a signal to teachers and school boards that … they should prepare for recommendations that could go either way.” – Senate President Pro Tem Tim Ashe on the new teacher health care plan.

“This conversation has been about averages. You can imagine scenarios outside of these averages.” – Nicole Mace , the executive director of the Vermont School Boards Association, which has allied with Gov. Scott in the health care debate.

“Throughout the course of the investigation and continuing during the litigation of this matter, the Commission and the Receiver have identified numerous pieces of real property subject to the freeze that Quiros owned – by himself, with his wife, or through corporations he controlled. The Commission alleges he purchased many of these properties using investor funds.” — Securities and Exchange Commission filing against Ariel Quiros , former owner of Vermont’s Jay Peak resort, in the investigation of alleged EB-5 investor fraud involving him and former Jay Peak President Bill Stenger.

“If I was trying to pull one over on them, would I have brought my Chihuahua-Corgi with me to run around chasing mice? Was I dressed in camouflage? No.” — Vermont Yankee protester Clay Turnbull of Townshend after the state dropped charges that he had trespassed at the plant in March of 2016.

“Arriving at the table with good faith always presents an opportunity for a handshake and a deal,” Senate Pro Tem Tim Ashe on reaching an agreement between the House, Senate and the governor on teachers’ health care during next week’s veto session.

“There’s a lot of nervousness for the inmates. Not knowing exactly what Pennsylvania looks like and how they operate creates anxiety and stress.” — Mike Touchette, Vermont’s director of correctional facilities, on moving Vermont inmates from a prison in Michigan to one in Pennsylvania.

“The Constitution says one bill, one explanation. Just as they can’t sign two bills with one signature, they can’t veto two bills with one letter. You have to have the individual explanations.” — William MaGill, the House clerk, on the rejection of Gov. Phil Scott’s veto message for the budget and property tax bills

“You can order it from China with a few clicks on the internet and get a parcel containing 200 to 300 grams within a few days.” U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration spokesperson Russ Baer, on the ease of obtaining the opioid fentanyl

“People should think about it similarly to somebody who uses a wheelchair. You wouldn’t ask that person to leave their wheelchair elsewhere.” — Human Rights Commission Executive Director Karen Richards on the rights of people to bring service animals into businesses

“If you’re an 85-year-old woman and you’re relying on heating assistance to heat your home when it’s 45 degrees inside, that is so real to you. It’s not political. It’s not a bumper sticker. That’s your life.” — Al Gobielle, Vermont Human Services Secretary on the cuts to major public assistance programs outlined in the President’s proposed budget.

“It’s about time” — Julie Lineberger business owner on pay equity.

“I regrettably cannot support the budget or the yield bill” — Gov. Phil Scott

“I don’t see what there is in this budget for him not to like” — Kitty Toll, D-Danville, Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee in reference to Gov. Phil Scott

“We all share the goal of wrapping things up and going home.” — Jill Krowinski, House majority leader on the prolonged legislative session.