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Vermont Sierra Club endorses Zuckerman, Ashe, and other candidates

Jul 31 2020, 8:46 AM


Steve Crowley, Sierra Club Vermont Political Chair, [email protected], 802-881-6536

Robb Kidd, Conservation Program Manager, [email protected], 802-505-1540


The Vermont Sierra Club announced today that it has endorsed Tim Ashe for Lieutenant Governor, after already enorsing David Zuckerman a few weeks ago. (See our Gubernatorial announcement) This follows a months long process of candidate research, a zoom-based gubernatorial forum, interviews, and research.


Other state-wide candidates endorsed by the Sierra Club include TJ Donovan for Attorney General, Jim Condos for Secretary of State, Beth Pearce for Treasurer, and Doug Hoffer for Auditor of Accounts.  Congressman Peter Welch was endorsed previously, in action taken by the national Sierra Club Board of Directors, following a recommendation by the state chapter.


“In Vermont, we are lucky to have an abundance of great leaders who are committed to pursuing our shared values of caring for our planet and working towards a just and equitable society,” sad Rachel Stevens, Chair of Sierra Club Vermont.  “We are facing many crises at once, over ensuring racial justice, keeping our state healthy in the face of the pandemic, and numerous environmental crises, all in times of great economic challenges.  We need the intelligent and creative leadership this team can provide.”


The Sierra Club also announced a slate of endorsements for 43 candidates for Senate and House.


According to Chapter Energy and Political Chair Steve Crowley, the Lieutenant Governor race includes numerous great candidates.  “Tim Ashe distinguishes himself as a candidate through his long service in the legislature, using his considerable collaborative talents to move good legislation forward. Whether it’s clean water funding, global warming solutions, or tackling the transportation challenge, Tim Ashe has been a leader we can count on.”


Chapter Conservation Program Manager Robb Kidd stated “this list of select candidates have demonstrated a commitment to championing environmental and social justice issues alongside a history of engaging with the Sierra Club members, supporters and all Vermonters. We are looking forward to our collaborative efforts in establishing justice and sustainability.”


Sierra Club will be conducting a second round of endorsements shortly after the August 11 primary.


Statewide Candidate Endorsements


Governor:   David Zuckerman

Lt. Gov.:  Tim Ashe

Attorney General:  TJ Donovan

Secretary of State: Jim Condos

Treasurer:  Beth Pearce

Auditor of Accounts:  Doug Hoffer


Legislative Candidate Endorsements




Chris Bray


Chris Pearson


Erhard Mahnke


Kesha Ram


Michael Sirotkin


Phil Baruth


Virginia “Ginny” Lyons


Andrew Perchlik


Anthony Pollina


Becca Balint


Allison Clarkson


Dick McCormack



Addison 4

Mari Cordes

Chitt 8-1

Marybeth Redmond

Bennington 4

Kathleen James

Chitt 8-1

Tanya Vyhovsky

Caledonia 2

Chip Troiano


Martha W Allen

Caledonia 3

Scott Campbell

Franklin 3-1

Mike McCarthy

Caledonia 3

Brice C. Simon

Lamoille Washington

Avram Patt

Chitt 3

Trevor Squirrell

Lamoille Washington

Dave Yacavone

Chitt 4-1

Mike Yantachka

Orange 2

Sarah Copeland Hanzas

chitt 6-1

Carol Ode


Katherine Sims

Chitt 6-2

Emma Mulvaney-Stanak

Washington 3

Tommy Walz

Chitt 6-3

Curt McCormack

Windham 2-1

Emilie Kornheiser

Chitt 6-4

Brian Cina

Windham 2-2

Mollie Burke

Chitt 6-4

Selene Colburn

Windham 4

Mike Mrowicki

Chitt 6-5

Gabrielle Stebbins

Windsor Orange 2

Jim Masland

Chitt 6-5

Tiff Bluemle

Windsor Orange 2

Tim Briglin

Chitt 7-3

John Killacky

Windsor 4-2

Rebecca White

Chitt 7-4

Maida F. Townsend


The Sierra Club is the most enduring and influential grassroots environmental organization in the United States. We amplify the power of our 3.8 million members and supporters to defend everyone’s right to a healthy world. The Vermont Chapter is comprised of dozens of local volunteers, including an active Executive Committee, campaign priority teams, and a Political Committee. For more information visit:

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