Press Releases statement on FPF’s private discrediting efforts

Dec 5 2022, 1:41 PM

Monday, December 5, 2022
For Immediate Release
Contact: Kristian Connolly, founder, statement on FPF’s private discrediting efforts

MONTPELIER, Vt. – Approximately three weeks ago, went live, and thousands of people have visited the site to learn the story of two Vermont residents, Kristian and Deborah Connolly, who were recently unjustly banished from Vermont community online platform Front Porch Forum.

This past weekend, Front Porch Flimflam learned that Front Porch Forum, which is led by CEO and co-founder Michael Wood-Lewis and Burlington City Council candidate and FPF chief of staff Jason Van Driesche, is privately discrediting Front Porch Flimflam and its founder, Kristian Connolly.

Today, Kristian Connolly released the following statement:

“Front Porch Forum has been privately communicating about me when people – total strangers to me – write to FPF to ask them about this situation. Here’s an example:

‘In regards to Kristian Connolly's case, we generally don’t comment on the particulars of any single member’s participation on FPF or interaction with our staff, but rest assured that there is more to this particular story than revealed.’

“Except for the fact that I can definitely believe this is real, I almost can't believe this is real. There is no way a general customer service staffer was free to respond like this to another member's query without the explicit approval of others at FPF. This paragraph is loaded, and raises lots of substantive questions. I'll briefly raise just three right now:

“One, I've yet to be given any actual full explanation regarding the termination of my account, and my wife's account, from FPF. I last asked for such an explanation more than a month ago, and there has been no communication from FPF. But FPF is giving intentionally vague and unsupported (if brief) information to random people who write to them about me?

“Two, ‘We don't talk about other members, but in Kristian Connolly's case, we're definitely going to say something. But don’t you worry. Just accept this statement that is intentionally vague and unsupported by anything else we'll say in this private conversation.’ That's the posture, and action, of someone who's on the run and privately defending themselves because they know they don't have any position from which to defend themselves publicly. And trying to do so publicly might end up revealing more than they want to reveal about themselves.

“Three, literally everything regarding this situation that I've experienced with Front Porch Forum staff is published on Even beyond the specific communications surrounding the events that resulted in my termination, I've also told the story and published the communications surrounding the two other brief interactions I've had with FPF member support in the past, as well as the experience I had applying for jobs at FPF in the past. This is all in text or embedded links throughout the site. I'm not hiding anything. It's all there.

“The idea that there is ‘more to this particular story than revealed’ is news to me. If there is more to this story about me, I certainly don't know it, and FPF certainly has never told me what that ‘more’ might be.

“How many other people is FPF privately communicating with to counter the public story I am telling about it? And why is FPF doing that in the first place?”

For the full story of Kristian and Deborah's experience with Front Porch Forum, please visit


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