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Mark Hage: The martyrdom of Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital

How can Palestinian infants and their shattered families, most of them refugees, trapped in a city of burning rubble, without food, water and medicine, threaten the goodness of the entire world?

Bob Stannard: Homelessness is a symptom 

Amazingly, we don’t seem to notice that being overrun by people of means will, in all likelihood, change forever the things that we all love about Vermont. 

Fred Baser: The importance of remembering

A defined resting place can bring people to a place to remember, honor, tell stories, and keep a connection to those they loved, knew, or deserve a place in our hearts and minds.

Ben Doyle: Reinvest in Vermont’s downtowns

Our downtowns are the public square where these issues can be discussed and solved. Let’s walk there together, roll up our sleeves, and revitalize the downtowns that reflect our values and secure Vermont’s future. 

Letter to the editor: Abenaki story needs to be read in its entirety

Kudos to Shaun Robinson’s well researched piece on Abenaki false narratives. He did a remarkable job writing a piece with great depth, interviewing many individuals who are involved. Anyone who in any way is interested, or feels pressured to involve themselves, in the Vermont Abenaki story needs to read this article in its entirety.  If…

Letter to the editor: Love does not take sides

Many in Vermont are probably still feeling a shocking alarm from Saturday’s shooting of three young Palestinian-American men in our community. My heart goes out to Hisham Awartani, Kinnan Abdalhamid, Tahseen Ali Ahmad, their family, friends, and community, who were made victims of hate. I know that many in Vermont feel the type of violence…

Letter to the editor: Old wounds reopen in the Middle East 

Palestinians have grounds for resistance to all that Israel and the West have been doing to them for 75 years. The American political process of “manufacturing consent” works to obscure propaganda that manipulates public perceptions, and that achievement — our foreign policy — has been the greatest of America’s weapons since the beginning of the…

Letter to the editor: Open your hearts to people suffering in your community

Today I read your coverage concerning the need for emergency shelters until we can better meet the housing needs in Vermont.  I have been a social worker in Vermont for over 40 years and today Vermont is facing a need for shelter that is unprecedented in our state. The need is also starting to affect…


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