Harry Thomas Reed, chocolatier, Navy veteran, Apache Native American

Harry Thomas Reed, born October 31st, 1940, known as “Tom” many passed away November 21st, 2022 to a cancer that appeared in 2021 and made his life very difficult physically.

Despite his struggles his passion for chocolate making and baking zucchini bread never waned. He could often be seen making his rounds in Randolph selling his amazing sweets.

Tom, who served in the US Navy in Operation Deep Freeze during the 1960s was a well traveled and very intelligent kind hearted man. Tom had his struggles of seeing how bad people can be, even up to the end, but he never gave up hope, believed in goodness to the end. He knew the value of friendships, had so much love for his Sisters and despite all odds chose to be joyous and kind.

Tom countered his troubles with ease because his heart was good, the negativity couldn’t change the Fine Man he’d always been and after all, Tom knew storms well and how to Sail them.

“We are all shipmates on this boat called Life,” he’d agree with his friends. “It is important we find our role and do it well, for one man cannot man a ship alone.”

As Louis Alcott wrote, “I am not afraid of Storms, I am learning to Sail my Ship.” -that was Tom to the end. Brave, Noble, Courageous, and Kind.

Tom is survived by his dedicated and loyal loving Sisters, Charlene who loves her big brother with all her heart and Sandra who will miss his phone calls and advice on gardening.

Tom worked hard his entire life. First for the Navy then a full lifetime at GM. His dream was to live in New Zealand and in 2022 when the lotto got so high he’d buy a few in hopes of sending all he loved there along with him.

Tom should teach us all how to never stop dreaming, no matter the odds, to never stop being kind, no matter how unkind others can be. He is an example of a Generation that would take their coat off if someone else was cold, because they were tough on top of kind. He showed by example to never give up, no matter the odds against them.

Throughout Life, What we all want is to know we are wanted, loved, appreciated and not alone. Tom knew this with a full heart as he found the Peace to go Home to His Maker.

A Wonderful Kind Man, despite all odds stayed jolly and kind.  This bravery he may have inherited from his elders who were Code Talkers in WW2. Tom was 50% Apache Native American, his Father Full Cheyenne. His Uncles won many awards and unknown to many, it was not just Navajo, but also the Apache who helped win WW2. Tom’s favorite movie was “Windtalkers“ -about these Brave Native Americans.

You may have seen Tom at some point walking in the Randolph Post Office with his Navy Ship Veterans hat on, white beard, looking like a Sailor still. Maybe you were lucky enough to taste one of his amazing Chocolates! If so this news will be painful to hear of his passing as Tom brought out the very best in all our hearts and gave so much Joy to us all.

Tom was a quiet asset to Randolph Vermont. We hope you were blessed as we were to know him.

Thank You Tom for Showing Us a Fine Example of Sailing this Ship called Life. You will be remembered Fondly.

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