Swim safely, Vermont safety leader says

Jun 8 2021, 4:11 PM

State officials warned people Tuesday about Huntington Gorge in Richmond, where more than 25 people have died since 1950.

Two people were rescued Sunday; they were tubing down the Huntington River above the falls, but the current speeds up rapidly as the river approaches the gorge, which has a 15-foot main plunge and a 30-foot total drop.  

A third person at the gorge was able to call for help Sunday, and Vermont State Police and seven agencies from nearby communities raced to the rescue. The swimmers had only minor injuries.

On Tuesday, Public Safety Commissioner Michael Schirling warned people about Huntington Gorge and other natural swimming areas, advising them to bring a buddy, respect their limits, stay sober, and follow posted signs.

Huntington Gorge is owned and managed by the Richmond Land Trust, which has posted signs warning swimmers that it can be a dangerous place. Signs also urge people to visit safer swimming areas on adjacent Richmond Land Trust properties downstream of the gorge.

— Tom Kearney