Complete VTDigger/Castleton Polling Institute results

Here are the complete results of the 2015 VTDigger/Castleton Polling Institute survey. We sampled the opinion of 700 Vermonters from Feb. 9-24 on subjects ranging from the performance of Gov. Peter Shumlin and the Legislature to education funding to taxes on carbon and soda. The Castleton Polling Institute provides polling services to VTDigger in exchange for underwriting.
These data were collected by the Castleton Polling Institute’s phone center, using live interviewers. All interviews were completed Feb. 9-24, 2015.
Phone numbers were drawn from a dual frame sample of cellphone and landline numbers. The cellphone sample was drawn from numbers allotted to cellphone rate centers within the state of Vermont, and the landline numbers were drawn using random digit dialing techniques based on known exchanges and live 1000-blocs within the 802 area code. The final sample includes a total of 700 completed interviews, 477 by landline (68 percent) and 223 by cellphone (32 percent). Thirteen percent of the total sample have no landline at their residence and therefore would be excluded from any chance of inclusion without the cellphone sample frame.
Every county in the state is represented within 3 percentage points of its proportion of the state’s population prior to weighting the data. The final data are weighted by county, gender, and age to adjust for differential response rates in order to assure that the data are as representative of the state’s actual adult population as closely as possible.
The margin of error for a sample of 700 is +/- 4 percentage points at the full sample level. Any subpopulation analysis entails a greater margin of error. While sampling error is only one possible source of survey error, all reasonable precautions have been taken to reduce total survey error.

— Castleton Polling Institute


Do you approve or disapprove of the job Peter Shumlin is doing as Governor of Vermont?


Do you approve or disapprove of the job being done by the Vermont State Legislature?


Generally speaking, would you say things in Vermont are heading in the right direction, or are they off on the wrong track?


In general, would you support or oppose plans to consolidate local school boards into larger regional boards in Vermont?


Would you support or oppose the elimination of subsidies for small schools?


One idea to battle the rise in property taxes is to shift some of the costs of supporting schools to the income tax. Would you support or oppose an increased income tax to help fund education?


Do you support or oppose the Governor’s decision to abandon single payer health care at this time?


Would you support or oppose an additional tax on sugary drinks to support health care for low-income Vermonters?


Would you support or oppose a tax on the consumption of fossil fuels that would be used to lower carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to climate change?


Would you support or oppose a law that would require all gun sales, except for those between relatives, to go through a criminal background check?

Shumlin dips into negative approval numbers, VTD/Castleton poll shows

A new VTDigger/Castleton Polling Institute survey shows that 41 percent of those surveyed approve of the job Gov. Peter Shumlin is doing and 47 percent disapprove. The Legislature fares better.


Margolis: When the majority doesn’t rule

Gun Hearing
What kind of democracy is this, when the Legislature goes against the apparent will of the people?


VTDigger/Castleton poll shows strong support for background checks

A new VTDigger/Castleton Polling Institute survey shows that 77 percent of those polled support criminal background checks for gun sales. Gun rights advocates dispute the results.


VTDigger/Castleton poll shows some support for school consolidation

A new VTDigger/Castleton Polling Institute survey find 48 percent approve of school board consolidation while 42 percent are opposed. Opposition seen on income tax, small school grant questions.


Most agree with decision to drop single payer, poll shows

Vermont Workers Center
While support for Gov. Peter Shumlin is at its lowest point, 64 percent of those responding to a VTDigger/Castleton Polling Institute survey say he was right not to push for single payer health care.


Poll shows support for carbon, sugary drink taxes

A new VTDigger and Castleton Polling Institute survey shows support for a tax on fossil fuel consumption and sugar-sweetened beverages.