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U.S. postal service calls on the public to social distance with its carriers

Apr 8 2020, 2:41 PM

The USPS has asked for the public to help them keep their employees safe by following social distancing protocols and to not approach mail carriers, the agency wrote in a letter to the media. 

“During these challenging times, postal employees are working hard to ensure residents stay connected with their world through the mail,” wrote Regina Bugbee, the northern New England  district manager for the postal service. “Whether it’s medications, a package, a paycheck, benefits or pension check, a bill or letter from a family member, postal workers understand that every piece of mail is important. While service like this is nothing new to us, we need our communities’ help with social distancing.”

Postal service employees are following the social distancing precautions recommended by the CDC and local health officials, and the agency is asking for the public’s cooperation. If a delivery requires a signature, mail carriers will knock on the door rather than touching the bell, and ask for the resident’s name before leaving the mail or package in a safe place for retrieval.

— Sarah Asch