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School budget revoting was just one idea from brainstorming session, Scott says

May 15 2020, 4:15 PM

After lawmakers scoffed at a proposal from the Scott administration to require school districts to revote on budgets, the governor said Friday the idea was part of a “brainstorming session” to address a looming shortfall in the education fund.

Asked about the proposal at his three-times-a-week press conference, Scott said lawmakers invited the administration to come up with ideas to deal with the projected $170 million gap.

The idea prompted one of the first times legislative leaders have publicly denounced a proposal from the Scott administration since the crisis began in March, with one high-ranking Democratic lawmaker calling it “the first genuinely dumb idea” from the administration so far.

While Scott downplayed the proposal Friday, he returned to familiar talking points about fiscal responsibility. “We’re not going to spend our way out of this, we’re not going to tax our way out of this,” Scott said. “We have to come up with other alternatives and I don’t know what they are.”

“But we have to have the conversation so this was a starting point, it was a brainstorming session.”

— Elizabeth Hewitt