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Green Up Day postponed until May 30

Apr 23 2020, 4:40 PM

Green Up Vermont has postponed its annual Green Up Day from May 2 to May 30 due to Covid-19. The distribution of Green Up Day supplies will happen the first week in May, and although Green Up is shifting its planning toward May 30, they will still look for final guidance from the Vermont Department of Health and Gov. Phil Scott, the organization said in a statement. 

“We will be ramping up our communications around coronavirus safety, wearing gloves, protection from ticks and sharp objects, and other things for the next eight weeks,” state Green Up executive director Kate Alberghini said. 

She said she will get information to the Vermont Principals Association school personnel can communicate with students virtually about their Green Up Day participation, as well as launching an updated App that will aid in building virtual teams, instant communication, and tracking routes/bags all over Vermont to help grow participation. 

Green Up Day is an activity that allows for social distancing as citizens of all ages get outside and clean up miles of Vermont roads. The goal of the day has not changed in 50 years, the organizations said, and that is fostering a commitment to where we live and each other, it is about healthy surroundings, and it is about connecting our communities with a goal for common greatness. 

— Sarah Asch