Letters to the Editor

Vegan food would be a better government investment

Dec 4 2022, 6:07 AM

Regarding “Vermont meat processor expands with $1.1 million federal grant”:

Given the correlation between animal agriculture and the climate catastrophe, I wish government grants would expand local vegan food operations. The University of Oxford recently published a study that found that meatless sausages and burgers are up to 10 times more planet-friendly than their counterparts. The study evaluated greenhouse gas emissions, land use, eutrophication and water stress. The results? Vegan meat is the way to eat.

Animal agriculture pollutes air, water, land, ecosystems and soil while causing suffering and death to billions of defenseless animals. Adopting a healthier, sustainable food system is key to preventing climate catastrophe while ushering in a compassionate way of feeding the world.

But we don’t have to wait for a food system change. There are plenty of protein-packed options already on the market, like tofu, seitan and legumes. And products like Beyond Burger and Field Roast sausage make easy, delicious swaps in my favorite recipes.

Let peace begin on our plates.

Sarah McCluskey