Letters to the Editor

Universal child care is essential

Jan 26 2023, 6:14 AM

I am in a field where I work with parents and their children. What I see is struggle across economic and social realms. All parents of young children struggle to find adequate care for their children. Some get lucky and find a nurturing environment that suits their child and family needs, but most parents are at a loss frequently.

Vermont providing universal child care is not only an economic boon to the families, but it will also stoke the number of young people with young children who will be encouraged to stay or move here due to access to child care.

Having access to child care will free up parents to work, to create, to be involved in our communities. Essential to our society are healthy children. If our children grow up with weak attachment, anxiety from not having a regular safe environment to explore in, we are in trouble. 

Parents are working very hard at keeping a roof overhead (even that is getting more and more difficult) and good food on the table. Providing child care through the state would alleviate an enormous burden on young families, making it much easier to get to work and build a stable Vermont economy. It makes sense to do this on so very many levels.

Joanne R. Beck