Letters to the Editor

Unaffordable health care in Vermont

Aug 16 2022, 7:10 AM

Will you be able to afford double-digit rate increases of your health insurance in 2023? If not, please write to Governor Scott and your legislators!

As reported in VTDigger, the Green Mountain Care Board voted Thursday for these double-digit increases for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont and MVP Health.

"Enrollees who get their insurance through their small employer would face an average increase of 11.7%, or $71 per month, on their Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont plans. Under MVP, the increase would be 18.3% on average, or $106 per month.

People who buy insurance in the marketplace on their own would face similar increases. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont would raise its premiums by an average of 11.4%, or $79 a month. MVP’s rates would rise 19.3% on average, or $130 a month."

As the Chair of the GMCB said in 2019, “These rates are not affordable. We acknowledge they are not affordable.” The rates are now far higher, and considerably less affordable.

Let's make our voices heard!!! Write the Governor and Legislators!

Linda Andrews

Town Chair of the Bristol Democratic Committee