Letters to the Editor

The UVM back-and-forth

Mar 18 2021, 4:33 PM

The back-and-forth between UVM administrators and educators in this letters forum has begun to feel as if it is about the airing of personal grievances, rather than about the fundamental shift UVM has indicated it intends to make in its curriculum.

I empathize with the angst of the educators who have been cut loose by the institution within which they have built their careers. Their hurt and anger is justified. 

Yet I am not convinced of the value of efforts at setting the record straight, characterizing accurately their academic credentials, and parsing through specific exchanges with administrators to highlight inconsistency and hypocrisy. It is not as if a misunderstanding of a single educator’s academic areas of expertise informs fundamentally UVM’s decision.

The university sees its position in the shifting landscape of higher education as tenuous. It has settled on a course to try to secure its future. That this course comes at the expense of careers, livelihoods, and student opportunities at learning is deeply unfortunate. 

And as is always the case when corporations chart a new course, individual employees are marginalized, devalued, and cast off. And alas, the airing of personal grievances will not change this.

Alan Rawls

North Ferrisburgh