Letters to the Editor

Show us the proof

Aug 2 2022, 10:03 AM

Jay Diaz, the general counsel of the Vermont ACLU, presented a VTDigger commentary about the upcoming elections for Vermont state’s attorneys.

The general counsel wrote “For decades, Vermont’s public officials — including elected state’s attorneys — have paved the way for a system of mass incarceration fueled by over-policing, racism and fearmongering.” There was nothing further in the commentary to support or substantiate this statement.

These are egregious allegations. I ask the ACLU to name each of the state’s attorneys engaged in racism. I also ask that it provide specific examples of the acts considered racist and the dates these acts occurred. 

The ACLU claims these Vermont officials have been engaged in racist behavior for decades. I lived in Vermont, off and on, for over two decades. I have never heard about racist behavior by state’s attorneys during that time. Additionally, I never read articles about these accusations.  I would have thought that Vermont’s media would have been all over these allegations, certainly until proven false.  

Any serious debate about the future of the criminal justice system should exclude unsubstantiated allegations. 

Bill Embick

Saint Marys, Georgia