Letters to the Editor

Serious communicable illness needs to be reported

Sep 14 2021, 1:39 PM

I worked for schools in Vermont supported by “public” dollars approximately 90% of my working life. If any school I worked for was experiencing extensive unexplained illnesses among staff and/or students sufficient to warrant closing the school and/or classes, I like to think I would view it as my civic duty to report the presence of the illness to the public. 

People in a community and/or state that is closing its schools or its schools’ classes because of illness should be reporting presence and extent to the public. 

Most particularly, in this case, I am surprised that elected state officials who are responsible for gathering such information evidently don’t feel it is their responsibility to report the illnesses. 

I should think it’s fairly safe to say that if Vermont hadn’t communicated as openly and honestly about Covid until now, far more residents would have already been contaminated. I think it is therefore quite obvious that any publicly elected official who has reliable information regarding significant Covid-19 illness in our state who doesn’t report such information should be removed from office.

Dick Walton