Letters to the Editor

School locker rooms need to be safe places for everyone

Nov 29 2022, 6:04 AM

As much as I never wanted to admit it, I was sexually targeted by a group of boys in my grade and a family member before my 15th birthday, and it made for a huge problem being around naked or scantily dressed girls in the locker room, even of my own gender, as they would comment on the features of other girls. 

Stalls with showers or even dressing stalls would, and could be, extremely helpful for all schools. 

I understand the inclusion of transgender people in their identified gender's group, but surely I am not the only person who needed a safe space in high school? Blanket rules that help to alleviate groups’ issues can unduly harm another under-represented group of children, or at the least make them feel extremely uncomfortable and shut down, and a target for being picked on due to the inability to shower or change in front of other teenagers.

Patricia Greene-Swift