Letters to the Editor

Saving Sailing School is symbolic of saving Malletts Bay

Feb 9 2023, 6:14 AM

Please spread the word to everyone who values Vermont's “livable” lakeshore communities.

What is happening to Malletts Bay’s Sailing School is just the tip of the oncoming developmental iceberg.

Forces are at work in Colchester, enabled and encouraged by the planned large sewer system, which most people will not comprehend until coping with overdevelopment, stifling traffic jams and congestion on existing narrow roads. To say nothing of the major disruptions that will be caused by ripping apart roads from East and West Lakeshore Drives up to the Blakely intersection with Route 7.

All this will happen and the sewer will eliminate only 5-8% of the bay’s e coli pollution. That’s the conclusion of the town’s own EPA-funded study. We can do better with a small community septic system, like ones in Charlotte, Warren, and dozens of other Vermont towns.

Millions saved on this local solution will allow us to attack the major sources of pollution in Malletts Bay: fouled water in its three tributaries, illegal boat discharges, wildlife roosting on town property, and irresponsible human activities.

Jack T. Scully