Letters to the Editor

Resilient communities needed in this time of climate crisis

Jan 10 2022, 1:36 PM

It was encouraging to see the commentary about community land trusts and the work being done in Lamoille County and Hardwick. Years ago, my then partner and I tried to start a rural cohousing community that would have preserved two working farms in the town of Ryegate. Despite some support from a private foundation and the Upper Valley Land Trust, the project failed to attract enough capital from potential residents — after the economic collapse of 2008.

The Northeast Kingdom needs this kind of option, especially for rural dwellers who would benefit from access to land for food production and small homestead enterprises. Working farms need workers too! 

My own dream is to help make this happen locally, and especially create affordable housing and self-help opportunities to refugees and marginalized communities. We need more young, hard-working citizens ready to help build more resilient communities in this time of climate chaos.

Grace Gershuny