Letters to the Editor

Inflation Reduction Act essential tool for Vermont

Aug 4 2022, 1:40 PM

We need a full set of tools to address the climate crisis. We Vermonters are fighting toward a better future for our next generation, but as a country we have work to do.

The Inflation Reduction Act is a necessary tool for us to add to our climate toolbelt. Nearly $370 billion in funding will be put toward climate spending, which will allow Vermonters to go solar, use tax credits for used and new electric vehicles, and retrofit homes at a scale once unattainable.

It is vital that Sen. Bernie Sanders supports the bill to assist the country in getting on the forefront of climate prevention.

This bill is not perfect, as Senator Sanders has already said, but if we are to press forward in our climate fight, we must use Vermont’s commitment  as a national example.

With this in our toolbelt, we can do more for climate legislation than ever before.

Sam Cowles

South Londonderry

Field organizer with the group Green Corps