Letters to the Editor

Faith, music and staying creative

Apr 4 2021, 11:08 AM

I read the article “Members of many Covid-weary Vermont faith communities are staying online” with interest. 

As we are all “creeping back to normalcy,” as Bishop Coyne said, I’m heartened how parishioners have been able to keep practicing their faith at home over the past year. 

We have been interviewing individuals associated with Age Well — clients, volunteers, staff — to hear and record their stories about music and faith, and to place those stories in an online musical concert. Overwhelmingly, music has been a key religious practice that’s brought home and kept alive, something that can be done alone or on Zoom, and at any time. 

To quote one minister from Ferrisburgh, “Even if you can’t carry a tune in a bucket, you can still sing.” Worship is like the arts: better experienced live, together, but something we’ve learned to practice in very creative ways this past year. 

Let’s not lose these newfound online technical skills and creative outlets as we head back to in-person activities.

Elise Brunelle