Letters to the Editor

Barre has another chance to pass school budget

Jun 9 2021, 9:03 AM

Support the Barre school budget in the election June 9.

Sometimes there is a perfect storm and I think we find ourselves in one now. After over a year of Covid craziness, we are finding our footing. Our kids need all our support. The budget has been adjusted once again, and I hope our communities can work together for the children of Barre.

As an older person with grown kids without children, we are willingly supporting the budget. We may not like it, but hope you will feel our children are worth it and join us voting “yes”!  

After the budget passes, get involved so you understand how the money is spent, and maybe you can be part of solutions to make Barre schools even better, but keeping fiscally sound. 

Don’t take your frustrations out on our kids. Vote yes on the Barre school budget on Wednesday, June 9. Look here for more information. 

So many things cost more money right now, but we are also positioned to move forward together.   Can we do it, or will we fail our children on multiple levels?

Bern Rose

Barre City