Letters to the Editor

Article should have questioned more

Jan 13 2021, 2:41 PM

Anne Wallace Allen’s article “Vermont protesters describe a friendly mob of fellow believers in D.C.” is not journalism. The title and tone about Vermonters going to the D.C. riot makes them out to be tamer than they are. 

If they were there, they saw all the social media rhetoric and bought into the lies about a stolen election even though courts and state legislations, made up of Republicans and Democrats, reviewed and certified the election. Even Attorney General Barr said it was a fair election. 

Haven’t you journalists learned that your words have aided and abetted seditionists? You tread on dangerous ground in not calling their actions out more critically. Ask their neighbors what they think, or the parents of the kids in the organizer’s wife’s class. These people put Vermonters at Covid risk, defied the governor’s orders and participated in a riot intended to interfere with the working of our government. 

You made it sound like a joyride by a bunch of innocents. Their obvious advanced ages and the fact that they are from Vermont do not excuse their participation in this riot. They are not protesters; they are seditionists and rioters. You do a disservice to Vermonters and democracy.

Veronica Ciambra