Letters to the Editor

Airbnbs in Windham County

Oct 2 2022, 7:02 AM

As Vermonters, we always want the best for our fellow Vermonters. After starting work in a local office a little over a year ago, I am much more aware of something that is going on around the entire state. Vermont is beautiful, and we locals know just how lucky we are to have this beauty and serenity in our backyards. What is happening now is terrible. I see so many people losing their housing for Airbnbs to go in. 

Right now, we have a customer tearing down several apartments to build new Airbnbs in Townshend. Another Jamaica resident purchased a local trailer park and raised their rent so high that they pretty much had no choice but to leave. In turn, these now empty homes are being torn down and replaced with shiny new Airbnbs. Local housing for long-term tenants is getting harder and harder — almost impossible.

Never mind that they do not seem to regulate these in any way. Is the state losing out on money?

What can we do to bring attention to this?

Jamie Kelley