Letters to the Editor

A disservice to law officers

Jan 5 2021, 2:01 PM

Opening the article on “Tarnished Badge” I said “Wow” this is real serious stuff, especially with all the turmoil state and country wide. Then reading further, it was about egg throwing, parking tickets and he said, she said, instead of the “lying, cheating, stealing” as referred to.

What a disservice to the first three law enforcement officers, even the addition of photos included of each. The reporter used a very broad brush to paint and include them in the category mentioned above, then (Rutland County prosecutor Rose) Kennedy adds she has no problem if she had to use them in court. What a crock; knock them down and then pat them on the forehead.

Ed Dumas, I knew the 24 years I lived in Rutland Town and found him always respectful and an upbeat, trustworthy gentleman, on and off the job. If I still lived there. I would be proud to call him “Chief”!

Stay safe.

Charley Shields

Rock Hill, N.Y.