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Please spread the word to everyone who values Vermont's “livable” lakeshore communities. What is happening to Malletts Bay’s Sailing School is just the tip of the oncoming developmental iceberg. Forces are at work in Colchester, enabled and encouraged by the planned large sewer system, which most people will not comprehend until coping with overdevelopment, stifling […]
Rep. Carol Ode’s recent VTDigger commentary extolled UVM’s beneficial relationship with Burlington. Yes, in many ways UVM’s relationship with Burlington is rich and mutually beneficial. And UVM is not a good neighbor when it comes to housing the students it enrolls. UVM and Rep. Ode consistently misrepresent UVM’s huge negative impact on Burlington housing. Rep. […]
I have family connections to Vermont, and VTDigger is on the list of news sources that I read regularly. Like other letter writers before me, I also take issue with the commentary  (“What it’s like to move to Florida as a liberal”) by Darryl Benjamin Jan. 27 in VTDigger. As other readers have pointed out, […]
Because of a certain amount of cooperation, after the fact, Bill Stenger was allowed to plead to many fewer and reduced charges (in Vermont's EB-5 scandal). However, Stenger was directly involved from the very beginning, using his relationship with Gov. Jim Douglas, traveling the Orient together, promoting AnC Bio, Jay Peak and Burke Mountain. When […]
From 1997 to 2000, I had the privilege of working for Sen. Leahy and directly under Tim Rieser.  Just like the senator, Tim always set an example for junior staff. He attended to the interests of Vermonters with the same commitment and care he devoted to conversations with heads of state. He was committed to […]
On Jan. 26, Brattleboro was treated to an evening of Windham County's Got Talent. Young contestants got a chance to perform for the judges and the public. One young student, after an investment of time and hard work, was excited to perform Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit." However, less than an hour before the performance, a […]
A recent story in VTDigger regales us with a Democratic fundraiser at Caledonia Spirits. A "Gin Party" where for the small fee of $50 to $1,000 the donee can speak to a state senator. The larger the donation, the longer the time spent with the senator. I was under perhaps the naive notion that elected […]
To John Greenberg's commentary on the causes of the cost of health care in Vermont and the U.S., I say amen!  I assure you that the financial aspect of providing the best care possible grew out of all proportion during the decades I was a practicing registered nurse, the last few decades in home care […]
Some landlords are using the "at will" clause in their rental agreement to not renew tenants’ lease agreements because, if tenants have lived in an apartment for at least five years, that apartment will now, with a new rental agreement, be at least $600 more per month.  This action by some landlords is expected to […]
Welcome to the Legislature’s new judicial committee members. Here are some realities you should understand. First, Vermont's legal system is designed to protect the status quo. Vermont's lawmakers don't work for their constituents. Familiarize yourself with all the rabbit holes that prior legislative committees have written into the existing statutes, rules, administrative procedures and documents. […]