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I am in a field where I work with parents and their children. What I see is struggle across economic and social realms. All parents of young children struggle to find adequate care for their children. Some get lucky and find a nurturing environment that suits their child and family needs, but most parents are […]
Regarding Marc Estrin’s commentary: Pacifism is great but has its limits. Can we infer that Estrin and Schumann would have been content to let Nazism run amok, because that’s what the Ukrainians have already lived through with Russian subjugation in the 1930s.  The closing quote is especially condescending — to suggest that Ukrainians are pawns […]
The dictionary defines an assault weapon as "any of various automatic and semiautomatic military firearms utilizing an intermediate-power cartridge, designed for individual use." It is already illegal for civilians to carry and use these.  AR-15-style rifles are not assault weapons, and, in fact, AR does not stand for “assault rifle.” The misnomer “assault weapons” is […]
Where is one expected to go and what is one supposed to do, particularly when there is no place located either centrally downtown or elsewhere within easy strolling distance, to go, most especially at night, on the weekend or on an official holiday when one urgently needs to relieve themselves and there is no accessible […]
Voters in Plymouth are going to be asked to give the selectboard another million dollars. We are also being asked to get rid of the right to vote for town clerk, tax collector and treasurer. Since we have no council, no manager, and no mayor, Plymouth's Selectboard wants to turn most of the few remaining […]
This statement is in response to the Early Education & Child Care Financing Study: It has been a top priority for Vermont Creamery to create a workplace that is supportive for parents, which is especially challenging for moms and dads with kids ages newborn to 5 years old.  This approach is key to our success […]
We have just celebrated Martin Luther King's birthday. I think that he was among the greatest of all Americans.  In 1966, he spoke about injustice in health care and called it the most shocking and inhuman of all inequalities. There is much evidence that the care of the poor is inferior to the care of […]
I agree entirely with John Greenberg's assessment of the specious enthusiasm over the recent "success" of nuclear fusion: It is very far from a success, very far from commercial reality, and very expensive.  I would add that it is also a concept that would require much greater concentration of generation capacity with very large transmission […]
Anya Rader Wallack's pitch for OneCare, like earlier OneCare promotional hype, could be an excerpt from “The Emperor's New Clothes” or an essay by an AI chatbot.  The syntax and vocabulary are English, but attempts to match them with real-world meaning or facts, even by those well-versed in health care data, lead nowhere.  Where is […]
When will the government stop sending out money and military services and equipment to other countries? I would think that with everything that is going on in the United States with housing and food prices the government would start saying enough is enough.  Billions of dollars and equipment have been sent overseas to other countries […]