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Media recently reported that “two health provider groups brought alarming anecdotes and statistics to the House Committee on Health Care.” One legislator compared Vermont’s health care system to a village on fire. The testimony came from: Rest assured that the same privilege has been accorded to insurers like Blue Cross and MVP, as well as […]
I am writing in response to “Henry Kronk: What if renewable energy was beautiful?”  Mr. Kronk’s commentary encourages Vermont to embrace the installation of industrial solar power plants for the greater good of Vermont energy sovereignty and to preclude a dystopian future of societal collapse. Along the way he invokes a “learn to live with […]
To Darryl Benjamin: Being a senior citizen in Vermont, I take issue with the blatant ageism of your commentary.  Sure, Florida attracts the over-65 crowd who, like your wife, are sick of the cold. It also attracts lots of much younger people for the same reason. I cringe every time I hear some under-65 person […]
This commentary was really harsh in my eyes, even by Vermont Digger standards.   The comparison of Florida's political climate to prewar Germany was grossly overstated.   I was disturbed by the mean-spirited generalizations about the people who live in Florida, especially those who would be considered senior citizens. Perhaps Darryl should have chosen to move to […]
Perhaps nothing better highlights the need for campaign finance reform than Vermont’s recent congressional election.  The Republican nominee, Liam Madden, raised only $30,000, but is now under investigation by the Federal Election Commission for misrepresenting the identity of his donors.  And then there is the Democratic nominee and new congresswoman Becca Balint, who received $ […]
Concerning VTDigger's latest legal attempt to secure the so-called EB-5 "secret documents" regarding the Jay Peak scandal, a seven-year wait has been much too long. Any rational person can only conclude that the state's handling of the document requests is an attempt to hide any improper actions or inactions by the state agencies and/or the […]
I feel the need to address the blatant ageism in Darryl Benjamin’s column on the heartbreak of moving to Florida.  I am sorry, but not surprised, to read of the hateful experiences he has had from his neighbors and strangers. His theory that the rage-filled conservatism is because of the number of old people in […]
I guess I am lucky that, after 45 years of working, we finally saved enough that we thought we could retire, so we did.  What seems to be happening right this minute is our government is borrowing huge sums of money and diluting the money supply. This means everyone's retirement plans are being put at […]
The state of Vermont needs to do another stimulus check. We see all the other states still doing stimulus checks, but what is our state doing to help us? And if the state has all that money, it should help its citizens out because many people in the state of Vermont need it at the […]
The article about crime hot spots gives no new information and makes Vermont, and Burlington in particular, look like we are aflame in crime.  Mr. Scott seems to think Vermont is burning to the ground. What a cynical color choice!  Is the real reason for it a veiled attempt to roll back reforms? Or is […]