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On Jan. 11, the Vermont Department for Children and Families presented its budget to the House Appropriations Committee. Its proposal would redirect $4.6 million that has been earmarked for “child development” to a fund that will be used to pay for building a temporary, architecturally secure structure to house adjudicated youth.  This is in addition […]
After reading this article, all I could think of was “this is why I’m a cynic.” Sure, Liam Madden violated our twisted electoral system where PACs, with a wink and a nod, in actuality make up a large portion of a candidate’s fundraising. Saurav Ghosh’s statement lays bare the cancer within our system. “The fact […]
Great story. I have done Hump 4 times. Up and back without stopping. I am 68 and it is a major effort, despite training. The plane legend has me committed one more time.  Patrick Branley Wardsboro
We are barely a couple weeks into the new legislative session and certainly there are plenty of challenges Vermont faces. Housing, child care, homelessness, one of the highest per-capita taxed states, and on.  So does our new Senate leader rise to the challenge? No. He introduces multiple bills to slay his great white whale, gun […]
As usual, the legislators here in Vermont along with the Vermont Public Safety Department continue to mystify me regarding crime in my state.  As someone who used to work in Rutland and frequently travels there for services, I can pretty much see what is going on in Rutland with my God-given eyes; I don't need […]
I am in a field where I work with parents and their children. What I see is struggle across economic and social realms. All parents of young children struggle to find adequate care for their children. Some get lucky and find a nurturing environment that suits their child and family needs, but most parents are […]
Regarding Marc Estrin’s commentary: Pacifism is great but has its limits. Can we infer that Estrin and Schumann would have been content to let Nazism run amok, because that’s what the Ukrainians have already lived through with Russian subjugation in the 1930s.  The closing quote is especially condescending — to suggest that Ukrainians are pawns […]
The dictionary defines an assault weapon as "any of various automatic and semiautomatic military firearms utilizing an intermediate-power cartridge, designed for individual use." It is already illegal for civilians to carry and use these.  AR-15-style rifles are not assault weapons, and, in fact, AR does not stand for “assault rifle.” The misnomer “assault weapons” is […]
Where is one expected to go and what is one supposed to do, particularly when there is no place located either centrally downtown or elsewhere within easy strolling distance, to go, most especially at night, on the weekend or on an official holiday when one urgently needs to relieve themselves and there is no accessible […]
Voters in Plymouth are going to be asked to give the selectboard another million dollars. We are also being asked to get rid of the right to vote for town clerk, tax collector and treasurer. Since we have no council, no manager, and no mayor, Plymouth's Selectboard wants to turn most of the few remaining […]