Letters to the Editor

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Concerning VTDigger's latest legal attempt to secure the so-called EB-5 "secret documents" regarding the Jay Peak scandal, a seven-year wait has been much too long. Any rational person can only conclude that the state's handling of the document requests is an attempt to hide any improper actions or inactions by the state agencies and/or the […]
I feel the need to address the blatant ageism in Darryl Benjamin’s column on the heartbreak of moving to Florida.  I am sorry, but not surprised, to read of the hateful experiences he has had from his neighbors and strangers. His theory that the rage-filled conservatism is because of the number of old people in […]
I guess I am lucky that, after 45 years of working, we finally saved enough that we thought we could retire, so we did.  What seems to be happening right this minute is our government is borrowing huge sums of money and diluting the money supply. This means everyone's retirement plans are being put at […]
The state of Vermont needs to do another stimulus check. We see all the other states still doing stimulus checks, but what is our state doing to help us? And if the state has all that money, it should help its citizens out because many people in the state of Vermont need it at the […]
The article about crime hot spots gives no new information and makes Vermont, and Burlington in particular, look like we are aflame in crime.  Mr. Scott seems to think Vermont is burning to the ground. What a cynical color choice!  Is the real reason for it a veiled attempt to roll back reforms? Or is […]
What is most disturbing about some comments on the Bread and Puppet article is how Russian aggression against Ukraine is being accepted as the fault of the “war gods of capitalism”, instigated by the US and NATO, and part of CIA plots. What news sources are people getting their information from, Russia Today(RT)? The myopic […]
Congressional and senatorial representatives of both parties are heralded for “bringing home the bacon” as each representative grabs for all the “free” money that can be tucked away in massive federal appropriation bills.  A more appropriate phrase would be “stealing the bacon” as we continue to leave the responsibility of paying the growing deficit and […]
I’m sure there is a record of Vermont, during the ice storm that took us weeks to recover from, that we used train engines to serve as generators that were also “portable. I’m trying to get this information to Ukraine but don’t know how. Can you help? Patricia Elliott Essex Junction
How about we get the tax money we paid in while we worked through the pandemic, like the ones who collected unemployment?  We wear masks eight hours a day, putting our lives and our family's in danger while the ones on unemployment sit on their couch in their PJs watching TV, not costing them a […]
So the liberal city councilors of Burlington and their radical acolytes want to create a civilian oversight board to investigate and hand down discipline on police officers. What an idiotic idea. There is no other word for it. First, this “kangaroo board” would be seeded with people who have no understanding of police procedures, operations […]